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Are You Ready to Save Time, Cut Costs, and Enjoy Peace of Mind?

Discover how our state-of-the-art recruitment platform can transform your hiring strategy. Why sift through thousands of candidates when you can identify the perfect match with precision?
Streamlined Hiring with Advanced Skill Matching Begin with our AI-driven skill matching, which aligns candidates' skills with your job requirements. Our system efficiently filters out the noise, letting you focus only on those who truly fit.
Effortless Pre-Assessment — Save Time Before the Interview Leverage our pre-assessment tools to gauge candidate suitability before they even reach the interview stage.
Our users report reducing their screening time by up to 70%, allowing them to concentrate efforts where it matters most.
Automated Live Interview Assessments — No Interviewer Needed Imagine conducting first-round interviews without needing an interviewer present. Our sophisticated AI handles initial assessments, providing detailed feedback and further narrowing the candidate pool.
This automation cuts down on human resources expenses by up to 50%.
Engage Only with Top Candidates in Final Interviews What if you could ensure that every final interview is only with a top-tier candidate? Our system ensures that you meet face-to-face only with potential hires who have passed through rigorous automated and AI-driven screening processes. This targeted approach enhances the quality of your hires and can reduce hiring cycles by over 40%.
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Kickstart Your Hiring with One Click

Start by simply typing a job title and watch as our system works its magic, automatically generating eye-catching job postings.

Experience the ease of crafting and managing job listings from a unified account, with tools that have been proven to streamline your hiring process by 75%. Your next standout candidate is just a click away!
Accessing the Employer Dashboard

Access the Employer Dashboard for Full Engagement

Instant Access to Resumes and Cover Letters: Click to open and receive real-time updates, making your review process swift and efficient.
Skill Match Score: Immediately assess candidate suitability right from your dashboard for a quick appraisal.
Quick Response Features: Effortlessly shortlist or reject candidates based on the skill match score, optimizing your recruitment workflow.
Direct Chat with Candidates: Engage directly with potential hires to expedite decision-making, reducing coordination efforts by up to 65%.
Seamless Interview Scheduling and Conducting: Our integrated scheduling and video interviewing tools not only provide a comprehensive evaluation of candidates but also record everything for review, making your interview process both thorough and user-friendly.
Skill Matching

Find Your Perfect Fit with Skill Matching

Discover your ideal match with our advanced skill matching and comprehensive skill assessment tools. Our platform intelligently aligns candidates' abilities with job requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for both employers and job seekers. Experience the precision of our technology that not only identifies but also evaluates key skills, making the recruitment process more effective and tailored to your specific needs.

Skill Assessment

Pre-screening skill assessment

Jobeyze's platform provides a range of skill assessment tools, powered by AI. These encompass the skill match score, pre-screening skill assessment, and real-time assessment during video interviews.

Hiring persons can create assessment tests with ease by just selecting questions related to the job title that will start reflecting automatically to you after you click on the Pre-assessment button located at the Job Description page and on the dashboard.

Leverage these insightful scores - the Skill Match and Pre-Assessment - to guide your decision-making process. They serve as invaluable tools, empowering you to confidently determine whether to proceed with an applicant or explore other options. With this data-driven approach, you're equipped to make informed decisions that propel your hiring process forward.

Shortlist Applicant

Cherry-pick the finest talents from a pool of applications.

Harvest brilliance from the talent pool - where excellence meets opportunity. Choose the best to shape your success story

Set Interview

Schedule Video Interview

Elevate your hiring process to new heights. Smoothly schedule interviews with top talents instantly, empowering you to build your dream team swiftly and seamlessly.

Efficient Bulk Scheduling: Unleash the power of automation and efficiency by scheduling bulk interviews. Simply click the "Schedule Bulk Interview" button, select the job title, and let our AI do the heavy lifting. Our advanced AI provides questions, suggested answers, and coding patterns, enabling you to conduct in-depth technical interviews with confidence. Post-interview, our system automatically evaluates the responses and scores each candidate, helping you make informed decisions swiftly.

Plus, HR can upload their existing questions in bulk or add new ones manually, providing unparalleled customization and control.

Personalized One-on-One Interviews: Begin by clicking "Schedule" to arrange your one-on-one interviews. When ready, press "Start" to dive into a direct video interview with your candidate. Our real-time assessment tools during the interview provide a comprehensive evaluation of each candidate's skills.


Navigate Profiles, Jobs, and Applicants with Ease on Our User-Friendly Dashboard

Manage profiles for multiple companies under the 'My Companies' section, oversee job postings under 'Manage Jobs', and handle candidate applications under 'All Applicants'. Our dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, making recruitment management a breeze.

Efficient Job Offer Creation

Efficient Job Offer Management

Automated Offer Letters: Quickly generate digitally signed, customized offer letters that incorporate your branding, saving up to 50% of the time typically spent on manual processes.
Send and Track Offers: Easily manage and track offer acceptance with our automated system, streamlining the final hiring stages.
One-Click Welcome Email: Enhance your brand’s professional image with a single click; send a pre-drafted welcome email from your company directly to the candidate’s inbox.

Craft Top-Quality Assessments with Ease: Your Key to Hiring Success!

Say goodbye to the headache of creating assessments. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly build premium assessments that help you pinpoint the perfect candidates in no time.

Here's why our assessment creation tool is a game-changer for employers:

1. Simple and Intuitive: Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll find it easy to navigate and create assessments tailored to your specific needs.

2. Save Time: No more wasting hours on end trying to figure out complicated assessment tools. With our streamlined process, you'll have high-quality assessments up and running in a fraction of the time.

3. Customizable Options: Whether you're looking for multiple-choice questions, practical exercises, or situational judgment tests, our platform offers a wide range of customizable options to suit your hiring requirements.

4. Reliable Results: Rest assured that the assessments you create with our platform are reliable and accurate. Our advanced technology ensures that you get valuable insights into each candidate's skills and capabilities.


  • Jobeyze offers website development services for companies, providing a professional online presence.
  • Branding also includes social media page promotion features to enhance the visibility of companies and job ads.
  • We provide complimentary domain acquisition for companies, eliminating the associated costs.
  • Jobeyze offers complimentary web hosting services for companies using the platform.
  • Jobeyze supports the organization of recruitment events and virtual job fairs to connect employers with potential candidates.

Document Storage Made Easy

Securely store all recruitment-related documents and videos in one place. Our compliant and streamlined document management system ensures everything is organized and easily accessible, supporting an efficient hiring process.
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