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    Post jobs across multiple platforms with just one click, optimizing your recruitment strategy easily by fulfilling job advertising requirements for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and other immigration applications.

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    Track candidate numbers at every phase with precision. Make informed decisions with our graphical insights.

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Revolutionize Your Recruitment Agency with Jobeyze

Empower Your Agency with a Custom Branded Job Board (coming soon) Unlock the potential of your recruitment agency by launching your own job board powered by Jobeyze, our comprehensive, job board software.
Enhance your agency’s services and create new revenue streams while providing exceptional value to your clients and job seekers.

Why Jobeyze is the Perfect Match for Your Recruitment Agency

Expand Your Reach, Amplify Your Impact Leverage a branded job board to significantly increase your agency’s outreach, allowing your clients to access a wider pool of candidates and improve their hiring outcomes up to a 60%.
Full Customization and Control Maintain the integrity of your recruitment processes with the flexibility to customize your job board. Whether it’s through AI-generated questions tailored to specific job titles or incorporating your own set of interview questions, Jobeyze adapts to your agency’s style and maintains consistency across all client interactions.
Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs Cut interview preparation time and recruitment costs dramatically. Jobeyze helps your agency reduce operational costs by 40% and decreases time-to-hire by 30%, making your recruitment process more efficient and cost-effective.
Empower Your Agency with Advanced Tools Save over 120 hours annually with Jobeyze’s streamlined interview processes. From initial candidate screening to final selection, our platform enhances every step of your hiring workflow, ensuring a smooth and swift recruitment cycle.
Ready to Launch Your Jobeyze Powered Job Board?
Start transforming your recruitment strategy today. Utilize the dynamic capabilities of Jobeyze to enhance your agency’s reputation, grow your revenue, and improve member services.
Join the ranks of top agencies that have revolutionized their recruitment approach with our innovative platform.

Advanced Features Designed for Recruitment Agencies

Complete Oversight: Control which jobs are posted to ensure they meet your high standards of relevance and quality.
Effortless Job Syncing: Enable your clients to sync their job openings directly from their career pages to your job board with minimal effort.
Direct Application Management: Streamline how you receive and handle applications with our direct-to-inbox system, designed for easy management and quick response.
In-Depth Insights & Analytics: Utilize Jobeyze’s analytics tools to track your job board’s performance, gain insights into user behavior, and develop strategies to increase engagement and job board usage.
Enhanced Visibility for Client Job Openings Feature key client companies prominently on your job board, boosting their job posts’ performance and enhancing the visibility of their open positions.
levate your recruitment agency’s capabilities with Jobeyze’s job board software. Contact us today to discover how you can transform the way you connect talent and opportunities!

In-built Auto Generation Of Job Letter and Integrated Digital Signing!

Experience the future of recruitment with our cutting-edge feature. Generate personalized offer letters in a flash and streamline the process further with integrated digital signatures. Elevate your hiring journey with efficiency and modern convenience.

Access Job Stats Anytime

Real-Time Insights Hub: Explore Job Statistics Anytime

Dive into the heart of recruitment data: Preview job statistics at your convenience. Stay informed and make strategic decisions with our user-friendly preview stats section. Your hiring success starts here.


Navigate Profiles, Jobs, and Applicants with Ease on Our User-Friendly Dashboard

Manage profiles for multiple companies under the 'My Companies' section, oversee job postings under 'Manage Jobs', and handle candidate applications under 'All Applicants'. Our dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, making recruitment management a breeze.

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