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One-Click Unlimited Job Postings: Why pay $14.99 or more for a Single Job Post and settle for less? When you can post unlimited jobs on major job sites, including specialized sites like First Nation Jobs, Jobs for Newcomers, etc., all with one click? Streamline your LMIA and immigration compliance effortlessly.


Are You Still Spending Hours on Recruitment? Let’s Change That!

Jobeyze is not just another recruitment software; it's a revolutionary platform designed specifically for Immigration Lawyers and Hiring Agencies. With powerful features and FREE unlimited job postings, it's time to transform your recruitment strategy.

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Tired of Sifting Through Endless Applications?

AI-Based Applicant-to-Job Requirements Matching: Imagine a tool that automatically scores candidates based on how well they match the job requirements. With Jobeyze, you get precisely that, making candidate screening easier and more effective.

Worried About Immigration Compliance?

Automatic Creation of a Recruitment Trail: From the initial job advertisement to sending the final joining email, Jobeyze ensures a complete recruitment trail for full immigration compliance, taking the worry off your shoulders.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Compliance and Paperwork?

Worried About Immigration Compliance? What if ensuring compliance with LMIA, PNP, AIP, and other programs could be effortless? Jobeyze ensures you're always compliant, giving you peace of mind with less effort.

Why Choose Jobeyze?

Jobeyze Canada: Transforming Immigration Recruitment

FREE Unlimited Job Postings on major and specialized job platforms.
AI-Based Applicant Matching for efficient candidate screening.
Automated Recruitment Trail for hassle-free immigration compliance.
Pre-Assessment Tools to evaluate candidates before immigration steps.

Is the Hassle of Job Offer Letters Slowing You Down?

Tired of Running Between Emails and Systems for Job Offer Letters? What if you could generate a job offer letter automatically, ready for digital signature and direct sending to your future employee? With Jobeyze, it's not just possible; it's easy.

Do You Know How Your Job Advertisements Perform?

Looking for Insightful Job Advertisement Analytics? With Jobeyze, you can generate, print, and download job advertisement statistics in PDF or DOC format, simplifying your internal job filling efforts.

Struggling with Document Management?

Overwhelmed by Document Storage? Imagine storing and managing all your documents in one place, supporting a larger volume of recruitment activities. Jobeyze offers just that, ensuring your document management is as efficient as your recruitment.

Ready to Take Your Recruitment to the Next Level?

Jobeyze offers you a streamlined, efficient, and compliant hiring process with minimal effort and zero cost. Our platform is designed to address your recruitment challenges, providing powerful tools at your fingertips.
Embrace FREE Unlimited Job Postings and Say Goodbye to Manual Screening. Register now and unlock the full potential of your recruitment process with Jobeyze.


Ensured Compliance and Peace of Mind

Ensure your operations are fully compliant with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and additional regulatory authorities, securing a risk-minimized environment while fostering the highest ethical practices. Our advanced data retention policy not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements, offering you unparalleled peace of mind and reinforcing your firm's commitment to excellence in compliance.

Dive into the Future of Immigration Recruitment with Jobeyze. Register and Experience the Difference Today!

Register and Experience the Difference Today!

With Jobeyze, empower your recruitment strategy with advanced features, ensuring you spend less time on administrative tasks and more on what truly matters. Start posting jobs for FREE and transform your recruitment journey now!

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