Date: 2024-06-15 14:09:41

Administrative Officer

Job Description

Position: Administrative Officer 3 (Strategic Sourcing Officer)

FTE: Full - Time Permenant

Department: Health PEI, Materials Management

Location: Queen Elizabeth Hospital or Prince County Hospital

Salary: $30.34 -$37.98 Per Hour

Start Date/Term Length: Commencing Immediatley

About The Job:

The Strategic Sourcing Officer is responsible for the procurement of groups/categories for Health PEI. This includes the tendering process, evaluation process, award, and vendor compliance. The Strategic Sourcing Officer works closely with Health PEI Departments to ensure that goods/services tendered are done in an open, transparent, and fair process which provides the best value for the organization. The position will be a resource for the seven hospitals, six manors, and other provincial facilities, programs and service requiring tendering expertise.

Duties will include:

· Assisting the Strategic Sourcing Manager of Materials Management in developing sourcing strategies for specific categories of goods and services; in preparing policies, procedures, terms and conditions in relation to procurement within Health PEI;

· Providing guidance to the Procurement Leadership Committee/Subcommittees, Standards Committees, Directors, and Managers to assist in making a vast range of purchasing decisions which balance cost, quality, and time objectives;

· Developing close working relationships with supplier personnel to ensure timely resolution of conflicts, item substitutions, backorders, and recalls;

· Providing tendering advice and assistance to ensure all tenders are completed within the scope of Health PEI policies and procedures, including the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and Health Canada Guidelines (MDL number, risk class, etc.);

· Ensuring Health PEI's Financial Authority is adhered to regarding tender awards, contract/pricing agreement signatures, Treasury Board Memos, and preparing and issuing contract awards;

· Preparing financials for tender awards to managers, directors, and the Finance Department;

· Taking a lead role in category committees in preparation of tenders, checklists, and contracts, and act in an advisory capacity on evaluation committees and providing monthly product and supplier performance evaluations, key performance indicators, tracking requisition contract compliance, along with any issues/resolution to the Strategic Sourcing Manager.

Minimum Qualifications:

· Must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. A minimum of two (2) years experience in supply chain management and tendering/sourcing is required;

· Demonstrated knowledge of and the ability to use computer applications in the performance of duties;

· Must have proven ability to plan, estimate, schedule, and coordinate tasks and contracts;

· Must be able to effectively provide leadership and direction to a work unit, and foster and promote co-operative teamwork with high levels of service-orientated performance;

· Demonstrated ability to create and maintain an environment that fosters creativity, diversity, innovation, and encourages initiative;

· Demonstrated expertise in building capacity and leading teams, combined with the ability to achieve consensus when appropriate;

· Must possess strong organizational skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills, combined with the ability to think systematically and globally;

· Strong written and oral communication skills, effective presentation skills, and strong interpersonal skills;

· The ability to create positive relationships, establishes rapport, and influences various interest groups and stakeholders;

· Must have the ability to be sensitive, provide guidance, and be responsive to the needs of the organization, as well as to a diverse population of employees, peers, and management;

· Able to work effectively in a team-oriented work setting of high-volume workloads, combined with multiple and tight timelines.

Other Qualifications:

· Supply Chain Management Professional designation would be an asset;

· Experience with clinical terminology would be an asset;

· Additional relevant education and experience will be considered an asset.

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